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A word from our founder, "Why I Started ChosenWebHost.com."

Why I Started ChosenWebHost.com


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Free Website Transfer & Domain/Domain Transfer for first time customers hosted on cPanel when you pay annually for your web hosting account.

INTRODUCING VCS (Virtual Corporate Server) - We are the industry leader in this new solution, originating right here from Chosen Web Host. This can take your company to an all time new high in your internet presence and an all time low in your monthly cost in your home operations. No longer a need for an in home tech yet still bringing you everything you enjoy with having an in house server. Check it out! Check our VCS Solutions now.

*NOTICE* We have moved our servers and entire network to a new datacenter along with an increased focus on customer satisfaction. Exciting things are happening and we will be udpating our website to reflect the changes.

Dedication to Service We're a growing company, caring for the needs of our clients. We love what we do and are focused on excellence to offer you the best hosting experience you can find. We help you harness the power of the internet. We want you to have a fast loading site to help you retain potential clients.

Our  Quality  of  Service

  • Availability and Company Information:
    Service to our clients is priority. We want to make your stay with us the best it can be. Chosen Web Host is a privately held company based in Lockport, New York USA. Chosen Web Host and ChosenWebHost.com known as RisingNet.com online or ChosenWebHost.net and ChosenWebHost.org was founded September 8, 2008. During that time, we have grown into one of the leading providers of world-class internet web hosting and domain name providers. We carefully pick our partners, staff members and outsource companies so that we can provide you with the best services. Our mission is to provide nothing less than first-rate services and more than that if possible. In order to accomplish this, we have made major investments in our network platform, servers platform and software application, which uses state-of-the-art hardware and software from the leading manufacturers and providers in today's industry. Unlike any other providers, we are an ISP.
  • ChosenWebHost Multihome Network
    Exciting News: The ChosenWebHost network connection is designed to help you bring together your company's best resources to communicate better, super fast internet connection, more reliable and work more efficiently than ever before. ChosenWebHost Network Operation Center (NOC) is located in Lockport, NY with servers in the Westin Building - Seattle, WA and we have direct connection to the Westin Building Meet Me Room with tens of thousands of fiber optic and copper cross-connections, giving us the unlimited bandwidth access. ChosenWebHost has direct connection with multiple bandwidth carriers to ensure the best connectivity for our clients from any location around the world on the Internet. We are a multi-homed, carrier-neutral network which means we are not locked into providing service through any single bandwidth carrier. In fact, we can host your website utilizing any of several bandwidth carriers we have access to so your site is operating fast anytime day or night.

Technical Support Specialists

Getting support should be simple, friendly and easy. We listen to our customers closely to ensure they have the best. We are focused on commitment to our customers and we do not rely on lower levels of client support. In most cases you'll talk to the owner of the company who will get the job done for you. Our vision is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. We start with the best platform so your site is up and fast anytime day or night.

We work hard to bring new technologies, systems and facilities to you on a continuous basis. Our pro-active attitude can ensure that you get high quality internet hosting services at all times. Our long list of hosting features and services are growing fast, as we offer the latest in world-class internet hosting technology to our customers around the globe.

Cisco Systems

Our network is powered by the Cisco System and Internap. ChosenWebHost network is using the Cisco technology for our network routing devices and switching devices with fully BGP enabled routing protocol. Furthermore, we use the Internap proprietary route control technology, which overcomes the limitations of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for monitors the performance of each Internet backbone, routing your traffic across the best path, providing fast and more reliable data delivery than traditional routing methods. The result, ChosenWebHost network can automatically choose which transit providers or peering providers have the shortest routes and then automatically selects the highest performing provider to ensure our customers the fastest speeds available and the fastest route possible. Customers enjoy better performance, less latency and faster internet access from around the globe!