Server and Network Technologies

*NOTICE* We have moved to a new, powerful data center and new servers. Our server platform has been updated, increased size on our servers so we can expand hosting plans and many more exciting things are happening in Chosen Web Host!

Hosting Technology
Our Shared & IP based Web Hosting plans offer customers the power and advantage of cPanel®. With this option, customers benefit from feature-rich solutions that provide ample functionality for the average website owner. cPanel® administrative panel is simple to use and customers are able to quickly and easily provision applications for their websites, effectively increasing the functionality with a click of the mouse.
Because of the ease-of-use afforded through this product, it provides a non-intimidating option for customers who are new to website hosting. cPanel® offers several scripts/applications to enhance your websites functionality, yet does not require extensive knowledge to use.



New & Improved Internet Data Center
The Sabey Data Center is a state-of-the-art carrier neutral environment, giving us the access to more than 150 providers of high-bandwidth Internet access as well as telecom services and fiber providers in a single location. Access virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities from DSL to multiple OC-192 and in between. The building also give us access in the region through the extensive copper and fiber optic Meet-Me rooms as well as interconnection to other networks or peer via the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP). The Westin building is the home of the Northwest Network Access Point (NAP).

Our data center is utilizing green power energy from Ample hydro-electric power from Skagit River Hydroelectric. Moreover, our data center has the multiple layer of power backup protection. The Multiple layers of reliability consisting of 2N redundant industrial capacity power distribution systems, Three Grid power system from the Seattle City Light, N+1 redundancy, diesel backup generators and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). In some cases if the data center has the power spikes, power drops or power failure, UPS units will kick in instantly and then switch to emergency backup power. Therefore, there is no interruption in the flow of electricity to computers. The redundant power in our facilities enable your equipment to run continuously, even in the event of a major outage.


Network Equipment

Cisco Systems is the largest provider of network hardware the world over, and is pleased to to bring you the most reliable web hosting network possible. Each piece of our network is duplicated to provide the best possible uptime and entire network is built on the latest and highest speed standards such as Gigabit Ethernet. This scaleable, highly reliable network is backed by our experienced network engineers, who constantly monitor the health of the network to eliminate network congestion and prevent any failures.


Climate Control

Our datacenter is equipped with a superior monitored climate control cooling system that ensures climate temperatures do not affect computing power. We use the Air Conditioning (HVAC) units maintain a climate of 67 degrees (+/- 5). The Humidity 30-60% is also maintained at optimal level to keep static electricity level to its minimum.

On-site physical security offers 24x7 staffed checkpoints, Alarm/Key Monitoring, keycard access is required to all secured areas of the building, Biometric scan and card key required for access to data center, and all activity in/out of the building is recorded. Continuous video recording of all entrances, corridors, and data facilities is provided by closed-circuit cameras. All visitors to our data center must be escorted by staff.